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LUTTA-PAK provides comprehensive service before, during and after sales for mechanical  repair by qualified and competent technicians with advanced NC machining center. The company  also offers clients machine parts and accessories to satisfy varied repairs.

Our commitments: 
To supply our client quality products, outstanding technological assistance,  all-in-one solutions to solve problems in production process and opport- unities for mutual benefits and sustainable win-win development 


Compound technology for multilayer packaging materials
1. Contact layer: PE
2. Adhesion layer: conglutination of PE and Al. foil
3. Al. foil: prevention of light and outside pollutants
4. PE lining: compound of Al. foil and paperboard
5. Paperboard: support of product packing
6. Print: indication of product design and features
7. Outer PE: prevention of moisture and outside pollutants

HACCP food safety management:
Raw material inspection, product sensory indexes, productprocessing hazards The key analysis control, CCP restrictedand controlled.

SC food packaging production license:
Quality and safety management control, the enterprise environment and  control,production Resources procurement quality control and production  process。

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